Look At (Almost) All The Light Guns

One of the experiences that unites gamers is that so many of us have picked up a plastic gun and pointed it at our TV. History has given us dozens of light guns. Here, a gallery of greats and not-so-greats...

1968: Magnavox Odyssey Shooting Gallery

1984: Nintendo Zapper

1984 Wild Gunman Nintendo Zapper

1986 Sega Light Phaser

1987 Atari XG-1

1989? Cheetah Defender

1992 Konami Justifier

1992 Nintendo Super Scope

1994 Namco GunCon

1995? Konami HyperBlaster

1996? Sega Saturn Stunner

1999 Sega Dreamcast Gun

1999 InterAct StarFire LightBlaster

Year unknown. Colt 357 Light Gun for PSOne and PS2

2000? Interact Light Blaster for PlayStation

2000? MadCatz Dream Blaster

2000? SRC Bio Gun

2000? Gunman Light Gun

Namco Guncon 2

Year unknown. Gun Sniper III for PlayStation 2

2002? Act Labs USB Lightgun

2002? Act Labs USB Lightgun

2002? Act Labs USB Lightgun

2003 MadCatz Light Blaster for PlayStation 2

2004 Pelican Silent Scope Light Rifle

2004 RF Wireless Light Gun for Xbox

Year unknown. SRC Bio Gun for Xbox

Year unknown. M-9 Light Gun for Xbox

2006 Iconic G1 Light Gun for PS2 and Xbox

2006 Pelican Freeshot Light Blaster for PlayStation 2

2006? LCD Top Gun

2007 Guncon 3

2008 Scorpion For Wii

2009 Dualshock Gun with Footpedal for PSOne and PlayStation 2

2009 Recoil Gun with Sight Scope for PSOne and PlayStation 2

2010 XFPS Storm Light Gun for PC


    Is the Scorpion for the Wii really a light gun? So far all shooting games I've played on Wii utilize an on-screen reticule that you move around with the remote. Its really just like using a mouse to aim, which sucks ass to play with cos you can't really aim the same as you do with a gun.

    Shooting games on the Wii aren't the same as light games. I'd gladly swap my dusty Wii and all my dusty Wii games for a PSOne with Point Blank 1-3 and 2 Guncons, all in working order.

    God, I miss Point Blank.

      Agreed - Point Blank was a blast, especially once you got good enough to "shoot from the hip".

    God, the memories.

    Missing the new one that Acti are releasing for their new hunting game.

    any suggestions on how to get a light gun working on a LCD tv?
    or any model that works on a LCD tv...

      Some are made for PC (usually for MAME) - those MIGHT work, might not.

      the EMS Top Gun
      (I think it's listed up there as '2006? LCD Top Gun')

      it uses a sensor bar system like the Wii and has adapters to work with I think any USB-supporting PC or consoles and the PS2

        The EMS is listed as "Pelican blabla"
        It could be the Topgun II - not sure because they all look alike

    I've owned four of those. And you missed the Sega Menacer.

    Can't beat the original Guncon... those were the days... Time Crisis FTW =)

      So awesome the guy from SPARTACUS (TV) joined in on this Internet celebration of it!


      I freaking loved that game. Id fire it up again but my sd tv is in the shed and it doesnt work on an lcd :(

      I love the ones that actually look like guns, I can understand why they stopped making them like that though...

    What happened to the grey Nintendo Zapper that idiots banned in the 80s?
    (Looks like a gun? PLEASE.)

    Not technically a light gun, more of a shell for the wiimote, but my favourite light gun has been the House of the Dead overkill hand cannon shells that came with the HOTD: Overkill bang bang box:


    These things are FANTASTIC for the many shooters on Wii (HOTD, Resident Evil, Ghost Squad)

      Hell yes! Was going to mention it myself, but you beat me to it :P

      The only thing I didn't like about those was the batteries of the remote really weighed down the barrel of the gun. I did mod one of mine to have a battery pack in the grip of the gun, which made it MUCH more comfortable, but I still haven't gotten around to making the second one.

    I own a gun not on this list. I have done my best to research it but have not found anything! Check out these pictures I uploaded to Photobucket:


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