Look At The New Pokemon Anime, Do It!

The fifth generation of Pocket Monsters are getting their own television anime in Japan. The show, Pokemon: Best Wish!, will replace current Poke-programming, anime Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl.

As you can see in this spot for the TV anime, Best Wish! (and in turn Pokemon: Black and White) is filled with new Pocket Monsters.

While it's great that they've gone back to the drawing board for fifth gen of Pocket Monsters, it would be nice to see more familiar faces.


    I agree, I wanna see Satoshi!

    The Pokemon anime still makes money? Watching stuff like this makes me feel like an old shit because I can honestly remember the first season episodes. Like where Ash comes across the abandoned Pokemon sanctuary guarded by an aggressive Bulbasaur (my fav ep)

      I remember that being the one of the funniest episodes from the season 1 dub.

    At 13 seasons a fresh start doesn't sound terrible but again... a show that has been running for 13 seasons and 659+ episodes could find itself asking why mess with something that works? It's been on the air since April 1997 - that's over 13 years! If they truly are ditching Ash/Satoshi and co, they are taking a huge risk. Then again, the kind of stories the show churns out, I doubt anyone will notice.

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