Looking For A Piece On Craigslist

A loveless gamer on Craigslist defines compatibility in terms of Tetris.

This witty personal ad is still up:

You know how in Tetris you keep getting all these pieces you don't want and you keep piling them up on right side of the screen, wondering how many squares you can get in a row when suddenly the long piece comes out of nowhere and for a moment makes everything disappear? Sometimes I feel as if my dating life is like that. I am waiting for my long piece.

Note that this is in "men seeking women." If a woman put out a Craigslist ad for a long piece, she'd have been overrun by 627 horndogs in the first four minutes. In case the ad's been removed, here's a screencap.

Which is your perfect piece? I don't need a line, that kind of shape is just unrealistic to expect. An L-block who can cook is all I need. Just no squigglies.

The Long Piece In Tetris [Philadelphia Craigslist, via Hawty McBloggy]


    I found my piece, she turns me from a square to a squiggle.

    He got plenty of lines, he just didn't use them properly. Moral of the story? If you meet the perfect girl, make sure you use her.

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