Looks Like Vinnie Chase Is In The Kinect Beta

Let the Kinect product placement commence! Or let it continue, as in addition to making a none-too-subtle cameo on HBO's Entourage this week, the Xbox 360 motion controller has been featured prominently during Justin Bieber's current world tour.

While Kinect's appearance on the show is incredibly brief, it does illustrate that in addition to supporting furries, the camera can also detect sweaty Turtles. Wonder where else this—and, eventually, PlayStation's Move controller—will show up next...

Thanks to every Entourage watch who tipped us today!


    It's probably bad for Microsoft's advertising department that when I saw that scene I thought "Wow, I didn't know you could do that with a Wii balance board".

    Not sure how I missed the opening of the shot...

      yeah it goes past pretty quick, I was like "hang on a sec", rewound it and then looked for the kinect sensor unit and it was pretty clear it was an xbox avatar, but most people would have been "Wii sports, LOL whatevs"

    Wow, Turtle is getting fit!

    ahhh entourage noooooooo!
    also, trust turtle to exercise in air force 1's

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