LunchTimeWaster: Bouncing Bullets

Someone's got it in for dudes in suits, that's for sure. Or maybe dudes in bowler hats. Perhaps it's just the way their black and white clothing contrasts so well with geysers of red blood. Yeah, that's it.

Ricochet Kills gives you a screen populated by dudes in suits (and bowler hats). Your task is to shoot them all using only a limited number of bullets. To your advantage are two embellishments of physics: one, bullets will rip straight through a body without losing velocity or even changing direction; two, they also bounce off walls. They do eventually expire after a few seconds though.

At first it's merely a matter of aiming and firing. Then you'll be conserving ammo and judging angles. Later you'll be working out how you can shoot that collapsible platform or that explosive barrel and take out half the guys at once.

Ricochet Kills [SeekVideoGames]


    HAHA that was brilliant!!

    I love geometry based games - spent a lot of time in high school playing geometry mini gold in the computer labs.

    This game is addictively fun. Simple, but well executed.

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