LunchTimeWaster: Excythe Bike

Take NES classic Excite Bike. Stick Death in the lead role. Sit back and giggle. That's the recipe for today's LunchTimeWaster.

Victorian BMX gives you Death on a BMX in am undulating, side-scrolling land ideally tailored to getting some "sick air" and, uh... scything down gentlemen riding their penny-farthings.

You die if you fall from your bike, something I found all-too-easy to do. Maintaining balance and momentum depends on being able to lean the right way to nail your landing. But the lean controls seem a little too sensitive.

Still, it gave me an excuse to use that headline, so all's good with the world.

Victorian BMX [Adult Swim]


    Pure Awesomeness Love it!

    that was brilliant!

    it's the little touched, like the throwing of the horns during a jump, that make this little lunch time waster brilliant.

    Was rather addictive too! :D

    Cheers Dave!

    My fav LTW yet.

    Gameplay 10
    Video 10
    Audio 11

    Fucking. Awesome.


    Music FTW

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