LunchTimeWaster: Grapple With This!

LunchTimeWaster: Grapple With This!

Hey, it’s another LunchTimeWaster that I suck at. Oh goodie!

Streemerz is like yesterday’s Tower of Heaven, only not as smart and with a Bionic Commando style grappling hook. You can’t jump, you see; instead, you must grapple yourself to higher platforms.

There are some brutal difficulty spikes, including one fairly early on. The screen above is where you respawn after dying at that particular spike. Get used to it.

Streemerz [Kongregate]


  • Got past the bit shown above (frustrating but not too bad) and then got to another bit a few screens later that was even more frustrating so I gave up. The game doesn’t have a sense of achievment, just that you lucked into getting past.

    • yeah and the game feels kinda laggy i mean sometimes i died when the balls where no where near me once they start moving

      • I didn’t have any problem with lag, just trying to time shots and move correctly.

        Yesterdays was definitely enjoyably frustrating though. You could see exactly what you had to do and knew with a bit of practice (and some luck) that you could do it.

    • Ditto. There was nothing to keep me playing after I had become frustrated with it. Unlike yesterday’s Time Waster, which was enjoyably frustrating.

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