LunchTimeWaster: Heavenly Sworn

I don't often swear when playing games. But this game makes me swear. A lot.

Tower of Heaven is that indie browser gaming staple: a ball-shrinkingly tough platformer. On each level you must make it to the stairs to continue ascending the tower. There are large gaps to jump, tiny platforms to land on, spikes to kill, buzz saws to kill you and increasingly punishing "laws" added to proceedings.

Level 4 above adds the law that you cannot touch "gold blocks". Which would be okay if the gold blocks were always gold blocks. But some are also normal blocks, flickering between normal and gold so that you have to time your landing to perfection.

I said "Fuck!" about 11 times on Level 4 alone. What's your record?

Tower of Heaven [Newgrounds]


    Level 9 is so ridiculous. I think I’ll end it there before I rip all my hair out in frustration. Love the soundtrack.

      Took me a while, but I beat level 9. It was very frustrating when I got a perfect run and forgot I couldn't walk left, right before the stairs.

      Level 11 isn't too bad, but is taking some trial and error to get very far.

        I almost did that at the end of level 9, luckily I remember right before I hit the ground. No walking left was probably the hardest part of the first ten levels. My brain is hard wired so that if I'm being cautious the first thing I do when I land is move to the best possible position on the platform, which usually involves stepping back.

          I did that a few times, but not as much as I would have thought. I think I managed to land most of my jumps better than I usually would in something like this.

    Finished it with 98 deaths and 0/3 secrets.
    Please don't make me do it again to find the secrets.

    One of the achievments is to finish it without dying.

      A lot of those deaths were at the start of level 9 with me not timing the very first jump correctly. A lot of the time I would let him die right after respawning just so I could time it right the next time.

    Fantastic music

    51 deaths, 0 secrets.

    surprisingly motivating story, reminded me alot of shadow of the colossus.

    That game is made for masochists.
    I gave up on level 9 after many, many attempts. Stupid butterflies.

    Finished it with 28 deaths with 1/3 secrets first time through. Really fun game and I love the precise controls! reminds me of the original megaman just without shooting

    Beat it. wasn't THAT frustrating. Not easy, either, though. Fun game, though. Died 100 times, 0 secrets

    beat it died 83 times with some silly deaths, worth the play, even bought the ost. XD

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