LunchTimeWaster: Introducing The Two-Button Game

Ready for a fast-paced microgame collection that comes across like an 8-bit Warioware? Make that an award-winning fast-paced microgame collection?

Up Down Ready was made by two game design students at Griffith University. It got them nominated for a bunch of Freeplay Awards just last week, including Best Australian Game and Best Technical Innovation.

And it won the award for Best Design!

Instructions are scant: all you need to do is press Up or Down depending on the situation. But the catch is, you can't rely on the controls working the same way for each microgame. In one they might move you ship to dodge obstacles; in another they might move the obstacles; in yet another they might play Dance Dance Revolution.

Up Down Ready [Kongregate]


    I dont know who judged that competition, but this is not a great game (or design). The idea is nothing new, the implementation is meh and many of the mini-games are unclear on the goal or what will kill you.

    Still at least they made something I guess.

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