LunchTimeWaster: It's A New Grow Game!

What is a Grow game? It's a game of clicking on things and then watching things grow. And now there's a new one of it!

Grow Valley is, as near as I can tell, functionally identical to other Grow games. You have a series of themed icons to click on, each triggering an animation showing said theme's impact on the world. The effects alter depending on the order you choose.

The idea is to level up each icon by discovering the relationships between each theme, ie. clicking in the right order. Can you level up everything this lunchtime?

Grow Valley [Eyemaze]


    Haven't played it yet, but had to say

    Love these grow games.

    wow.. i had no idea what i was doing... lol

      This was harder than his usual games. Try some of the older ones (basically start at the start). You still have to guess what to do when you start, but it is easier to see what needs to be done once you have tried a couple of combinations.

      Just checked the page and it can be hard to work out which are the earlier ones.

      This is a basic one

      But I like this one better


    Grow is awesome. Been hanging out for a new one for ages.

    Furtherst I got was the bullet train underground.

    I can never do these without the walkthroughs! lol

    First one I did without a walkthrough :3

    It was probably the prettiest of the games, and the final animation is amazingly cute. Thanks for showing it to me, Dave!

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