LunchTimeWaster: Quick, Call The IT Guy

LunchTimeWaster: Quick, Call The IT Guy

LunchTimeWaster: Quick, Call The IT GuyThis is why I never worked in IT. I’m completely stumped. Can you help?

Binary is a puzzle game. Or rather, a collection of puzzles. You play an IT guy sent to restore power to two supercomputers. You do this by investigating data cores and getting them back online.

In my case, however, this involves randomly clicking on things without a clue as to what I should be doing. It makes no sense!


Binary [Newgrounds]


  • Interesting. Three of the cores are pretty easy to understand, but would need to think a bit more about how to tackle the left hand core on the second planet.

    If you’re stuck trying to get inside the second planet, you won’t have the information to complete that puzzle until you’ve completed the first planet.

  • It’s not a hard game. Just takes time and patience, as well as a bit of logical thinking to come up with a plan on how to achieve the goals.

    A big tip is to start with a small bit and work your way up. For example, get one row done in the right puzzle of the first planet then work your way from there. For the ring ones, get the correct peices into the correct rings and then work out how to get them into the correct places.

  • interesting find i think the appearance of the puzzles is more likely to confuse than the actual puzzle itself

  • That was somewhat fun. But also a little bit annoying. I almost always get to the solution eventually with these sort of puzzles, but some of the early experimentation I do often comes back to screw me over later.

  • I really love this art style. Reminds me of castle crashers.

    Took me more than my lunch break to finish this. Had to come back to it later. Really enjoyed it.

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