LunchTimeWaster: Remember Vib Ribbon?

A rhythm game where a stick figure character walks through a black and white world, negotiating obstacles in time with the music? Yeah, that was Vib Ribbon. It's also this.

Take a Walk conjures up a drastically different mood and aesthetic from the same base components. Instead of the abstract nightmare in which Vib Ribbon was trapped, here you're strolling casually through the rustic countryside, all windmills and bales of hay.

It's the same principle of play, though; you'll quickly find yourself tapping the up key in time with the music as you jump over each new obstacle, then tapping it again with that beat to reach the collectible notes. Maintain forward momentum - you can't walk backwards, you can only rewind - and you'll accumulate a flock of birds. What a pleasant way to spend your lunch hour.

Take a Walk [Newgrounds]


    Played this a while ago and couldn't get the hang of it.

    Great music

    Meh. It starts off almost painfully slow, and just when it started to speed up and I was starting to get in to it... it ends.

    Maybe if you only get five minutes for you lunch hour, and you hate yourself, you'll play this game. Music was ok

    Compared to BIT.TRIP RUNNER, this was a walk in the park!
    Music was ok, but way too short and way too slow at the start. But I suppose slowness is the point.

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