LunchTimeWaster: The Most Epic One-Button Game You'll Ever Play

This is epic. I mean, epic. And that's just the soundtrack. This is videogame cock rock at its finest, making every screen feel like the greatest 16-bit boss battle you've ever fought.

And you play it all with just one button.

One Button Arthur sends you on a quest through a string of random dungeons, caves, castles and wastelands. Each screen has some sort of trap to negotiate, puzzle to figure out or enemies to smite. And you do it all with just one button.

The fun is in working out what that one button press is going to do each time; on one level it might make Arthur jump, while on the next it'll make him swing his sword or stop moving or start moving or change direction or you'll have to press it rapidly to make him run faster and faster.

And that music. Holy shit.

One Button Arthur [Armor Games]


    That WAS AWESOME! Move over Canabalt! A better game has arrived!

      Apart from the fact that it uses only one button, they're completely different games... That would be like saying "Move over Portal! Black Ops has arrived!". True, they both use guns, but they're SO different...

    no worky for me.. :(

    it loads then doesn't go any further.. i brokesed it!

      Refresh? I had the same issue the very first time I tried it, but it's worked ever since.

        yeah i refresehed a couple of times to no avail.. might just be the work pc's.. i'll try again when i'm at home :)

    Nice game, though I actually found a gamebreaking bug in it. In one of the "jumping" screens I fell into a gap that I couldn't jump out of (I forgot to hit one of the switches that removed the floor), and there's no way to force a death and retry the screen so I had to quit out.

    Good find.
    That was brilliant!

    687 clicks lol. Perfect game to play while you're holding a sandwich at lunchtime.

    Very cool game!
    It's even cooler since I can play it at work. Most of the times it's blocked :-(

    Got stuck at the flippy screen level. Will need more time analysing it at home.

    I didn't think much of the music, to be honest.

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