LunchTimeWaster: The Physics Of Sheep

Aardman Studios are best known for stop-motion animations like Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. But they make the odd videogame, too, this one starring Shaun the Sheep.

Home Sheep Home is a game of sheep physics. Each single-screen level is based around a puzzle you must solve to guide all three sheep to the exit.

Beyond the lovely hand-sketched art, what makes it work is the way each object you interact with is afforded intuitive physical properties. Walk up to a stack of hay bales and they won't move; run and leap into them and you'll send them crashing to the ground. Plus, the sheep range in size and weight, from fatty Shirley to tiny Timmy, meaning you've got to think carefully about how all three are best-equipped for the task ahead.

Home Sheep Home [Newgrounds]


    i had to stop playing because i realized i had to do my supercoach.. playing for 2 minor premierships this week...

      I agree! This is damn addictive! >_<
      It's also not good when you have to complete custom models for a Starcraft 2 mod for the Blizzard comp.... okay maybe just 5 more minutes...

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