LunchTimeWaster: Vegeta-balt

You've fled across rooftops in Canabalt. You've pranced across rainbows in Robot Unicorn Attack. Now it's time to... well... take the piss.

Action Turnip is another running game. Except you play as a turnip. (Who knew turnips could run?)

There are two modes: one classic Canabalt style, hit space to jump and that it's; the other allows you to move left and right while "running" and requires you to shoot down some quite angry birds using the mouse.

Very silly, but well worth a spin on a lazy Friday.

Action Turnip [Kongregate]


    "Now it’s time to… well… take the piss."

    Wait, Robot Unicorn Attack wasn't taking the piss? I must have been playing it wrong...

      Robot Unicorn Attack wasn't taking the piss, it was just pure distilled awesomeness

    I've played Robot Unicorn attack but not Canabalt. Thanks for letting me know about both Canabalt and this turnip game.

    I was really hoping from the headline that this would be a Dragon Ball Z version of Canabalt :(

      haha me too, as well as "over 9000" jokes and whatnot

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