LunchTimeWaster: What Would Nelson Do?

Naval warfare, eh? It's just boats chasing each other round in circles, isn't it?

Trafalgar Origins comes from Britain's Channel 4, so you might expect it to be full of dull edutainment. It's not! It's fun!

It's ship-to-ship combat at its arcade best. Ship management is kept to a minimum: hit up for sails, hit down for no sails, while left and right steer. Between missions you can spend gold on hiring a crew to improve your ship's speed, handling, attack and defence.

And that's the basics. Now get out there and start plundering!

Trafalgar Origins [Channel 4]


    Reminds me of 1997, Playstation, Pysgnosis game "Overboard!" or some may know as "Shipwrekced!"

      I used to play the PC version of Overboard! to death! - And the cartoony style means it still looks good once you up the resolution and force AA with graphics driver settings.. the real issue is on a modern system I can't get it to run smoothly because there's something like a major memory leak that makes it chug after a few seconds until it gradually becomes close to non-responsive :(

      Just played overboard on the ps1 demo it's great

    i can attest this is good

    best lunch time waster i've player for a while - jolly good, chap1

    Sounds like the Warcraft3 mod Naval Combat.

      Naval Combat was the bees knees back in the day. Sadly war3 became more and more exclusively dota so i don't play anymore

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