LunchTimeWaster: Why Risk It When You Can Just Create A Sequel?

Look at this screenshot for a moment. Did you laugh? If not, I'm sorry this game just isn't for you.

Achievement Unlocked 2 is a meta-game that parodies the banality of and our obsession with pointless gaming rewards. You get an achievement for "discovering the main menu" and are rewarded constantly as you play for the most trivial and mundane things.

It's funny, of course. But also somewhat sad. Because, as with any satire, it's actually not far from the truth. This is what games are becoming. It's no longer enough for us to simply enjoy playing. We now need to be reassured every step of the way that we're doing well, that we're playing it the right way, that we're making progress and not wasting our time.

Hmm, Achievement Blocked... now I'd play that.

Achievement Unlocked 2 [Armor Games]


    Deja vu?

    Is it just me, or did we have this the other day?

    Fun game though :)

    Achievements can be good, too. The good ones provide an alternative way to play a game through suggestive criteria.

    So... many... achievements....

    rather amusing though, and i totally agree with pretty much everything said there, Dave.

    +1 David. You and I are on the same page here.

    Sadly, I played this to the point I got 242/250 achievements :'(

    There are achievements in games?

    I've never quite understood the anti-achievement stance. I can understand seeing them as a cheap carrot on a stick method to keep the suckers playing, and the obnoxious 'I've got 100,000gs* so I'm better than you' guys give the system a bad rap, but at the end of the day its just an optional side system for the developers to issue bonus challenges to you.
    If you ignore the parts of the system you don't like then at the very worst you ignore the entire thing and break even.

    *At least three quarters of their 1,000/1,000 games are aimed at 3-7 year olds.

    Did someone say starcraft 3?

    Fantastic game! Loved the first one, this one is even better. Like Cracks, I found myself obsessive-compulsively trying to collect all the achievements!

    I'm not sure how I feel about the way achievements are becoming standard in games. On the one hand, I LOVE collecting stuff! Achievements both fuel my obsessive compulsiveness, as well as inject longevity into the game. Getting a bunch of mates together and trying to get some of the hardest achievements in a game can be a blast!

    On the other hand, they also kind of detract from my gameplay experience. Often when playing a game, i'll find myself constantly checking achievement lists, or gameFAQS just to make sure I haven't missed any! That niggly little OCD inside of me is stopping me from enjoying the game because of these blasted little trophies.

    Worst case scenario of achievement whoring I've ever seen is when playing Left 4 Dead, a player refused to use any primary weapons, even when we kept loosing the level, because he was trying to get the 'pistols only' achievement.

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