Machinarium Maker Offers Amnesty To The 85% Of People Who Pirated Their Game

The people who made the beautiful adventure game Machinarium estimate that only about 5 to 15 per cent of the people who played their game actually paid for it. They don't seem too pissed. In fact, they're offering those thieves a sweet deal.

Amanita Design is now selling Machinarium for the paltry sum of $US5 to anyone and everyone who'd like to pay for things that people spend time and money developing. That includes the game's soundtrack and a chance to right one's wrongs. A bargain compared to the original price of $US20 that most people opted not to pay.

The Machinarium folks are also throwing in a song, "Pirate Amnesty", to commemorate the occasion, free of charge. You can grab Machinarium on the cheap for Windows PCs, Mac or Linux right now if you want.

Machinarium Pirate Amnesty [Official Site via Ars Technica]


    Well I never pirated it but I can't resist a bargain like that. Sold.

    I only hope they don't find out I'm not a pirate, I might get in trouble!

    That's screwed up. Think I might hop on Steam and buy it just because I feel sorry for em. Looks like it would be a nice game to buy though.

    I bought one copy at full price when it came out, then I think I bought a 2nd or 3rd I never used as part of some pack.

    A good idea. I wonder if the bigger publishers will be watching this to see if it will work for them.

    Too bad for those who paid full price tho :(

    I paid for it via steam when it first came out. Well worth the $20 I paid for it imo. I've paid more for games and got a lot less.

      My thoughts exactly. 5 to 15 percent is a serious disgrace. Anyone who sees this and thinks it's funny should consider how funny it will be when great independent games can't be made any more thanks to those like yourself. Errrrgh...

    Paid full price, worth every penny.
    Haven't had such a satisfying gaming experience in a LONG time.

    These numbers... Call me a cynic, but I sometimes think that these developers do a press release with some arbitrary large percent of piracy to go along with their deals and get some sympathy purchases (not to mention news - anything with the word pirate will draw people's eyes).

      It's likely. Putting aside how they get those numbers, 79.4815% of pirates wouldn't pay for a game even if it was impossible to pirate. Since they were never going to buy the game they don't count as customers in the first place so the developer doesn't lose any money.

      The indie game piracy press releases are sounding more like they're just using sympathy as a marketing strategy.

    I opted to pay AU$25 a while back - I never expected the retail box to sell at the original AU$50, but when the 50% off sale trundled around at EB I wasn't going to pass it up!

    *hugs shiny, shiny box with glossy colour printed hint book and artwork poster*

    If they had put even any effort into protected their product from piracy they might of earned, oh i don't know, 30 percent?
    Though I do feel sorry for the guys, once my papal balance goes up I will buy this game.

    i'll be picking up the retail version with my love of hard copies and collectors editions.

    It's $30 at EB at the moment, and that's not on sale. :)

    this will increase sales.. but I doubt it will be among the loosers who pirated it...

    I payed $50 for it!.

    though i bought the special edition.

    Support indie development.

    Wow I hope those numbers are exaggerated as I really believe that they deserve to be paid for such a great game.
    I happily own 2 copies of the game, bought one on release and the collectors edition when I saw it at the EB sale :D
    The soundtrack alone is worth the measly $5US!

    Steam hasn't updated the price yet :(

    i bought 19 copies for $86 each

    This is one of the best ways to sell a game back to the community. A community which may or may not even care for it, yet here we are.

    most pirates will think five dollars is too expensive . it would just be a reminder that they can get it for free

    How do they know how much it was pirated though?

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