Madden NFL 11 Arrives On iPad, iPhone The Same Day As Consoles

Last year, Madden hit the iPhone more than a month after the main title's release. This year EA Sports' mobile version will arrive the same day as the big boys drop for the console, which is Tuesday.

The game, for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch, will also incorporate the Gameflow playcalling mechanic of the main game, and bring back the finger-drawn hot routes from last year's game. There's also something called "Total Defensive Control", which sounds like a big pre-snap adjustment mode to reposition your players for better results.

Multiplayer will be incorporated via update by the time the NFL regular season kicks off in September. It'll be joined by something called "Vintage Voltage Football", which is described as "an innovative throwback to retro-style electric football".

No pricing was detailed in the news release from EA Sports; last year, the game went for around $US10, with an $US8 sale near launch day. iPhone 4 versions taking advantage of that handset's stronger graphics will probably pay more.


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