Madden's Facebook Version Slips Out

Back in February, EA Sports president Peter Moore said the Madden franchise would be coming to Facebook; Yesterday, Bitmob stumbled across an error page that calls the game "Madden NFL Superstars".

That's the screenshot Bitmob took of the page. EA Sports already has published a well-received FIFA Superstars game to Facebook. It's essentially a football-management game, with the in-game action determined by behind-the-scenes calculations. One might reasonably expect Madden Superstars to follow this model - the same way FIFA 10 began the free Ultimate Team card game, which quickly followed on Madden NFL 10 and this year is coming to NHL 11.

Bitmob speculates the inadvertent page-swap means Madden Superstars is already in some sort of alpha or beta state. Contacted by Kotaku, an EA Sports spokesman referred us to the statement given to Bitmob: "We're always exploring new platforms to deliver accessible and innovative sports experiences... but we have no announcements to make at this time regarding a Madden NFL game for Facebook."

Madden NFL Superstars Revealed [Bitmob via Pasta Padre]


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