Mafia II Does It All For Kicks

Things move fast in the world of Mafia II. One minute you're a made man, the next you're at the bottom of a shallow grave. Which seems like a means of evidence disposal that's out of character for the mob.

That said, everything else in this trailer indicates my pile of shame will get one box bigger when this releases on Aug. 24, which I can't believe is three weeks away. I'm not even done with Red Dead Redemption.

[via Gametrailers]


    I've thankfully finished Red Dead... towards the end I was hoping it would end. Not cause I didn't like it - I just wanted to know how it ended. It slows down a little, but it's a very strong ending.

    But I would still like to get round to finish all the Challenges and get round to that free DLC that I haven't tried out yet.

    I have semi-high hopes for Mafia II, but I ain't betting it will be as great as Red Dead, but I still wanna dedicate my time to it like I did with RDR. Time will tell...

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