Mafia II Makes It Official: Nolan North Is In Too Many Video Games

Nolan North, the real world voice of Uncharted's Nathan Drake, Shadow Complex's Jason Fleming and Assassin's Creed's Desmond Miles is in a lot of video games. But it may be Mafia II that has the most North you've ever heard.

North, whose credits include Call of Duty: World at War, White Knight Chronicles, Gears of War 2, Alpha Protocol and dozens of other video games, cartoons and TV shows, also has a role (or two) in the new Mafia game. Try the recently released Mafia II demo for yourself and see how many Nolan Norths you can spot!

Mafia 2 - Nolan North Talks to Nolan North [YouTube via Christian Nutt]


    I've spotted many Nolan Norths in the demo!

    I like how they stop talking but are still making hand gestures.
    Proof that Italians actually do talk with their hands!

    This is just a joke right? Someone put Nolan North up to this? I really hope that isn't in the game lol There's no chance ill be buying it.

    LOL, he's having a conversation with himself

    I wanna make a game and hire nolan north to play himself, just for a change

      or even better - make a game about Nolan North, but not starring Nolan North

        Being Nolan North: the game.

          Y'know, that would probably be a little like Spiderman, but without superpowers. Running around town, doing voices, making sounds like you are beating up a guy in a ridiculous costume. Hard stuff man, hard stuff.

          (Irony: I think he was actually in one of the Spiderman games)

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