Mafia II Upcoming DLC Packs A Vendetta

Crime game Mafia II is getting its second downloadable add-on called Jimmy's Vendetta.

The DLC follows Jimmy, who is described as "the guy the other guys call when they need to finish the job". Jimmy cleans up the messes made in Empire Bay, and the game features 30 new quests that run the gamut of assassinations to car chases.

Jimmy's Vendetta also has online rankings where players can posts points scored with combos and multipliers.

Priced at $US9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points, Jimmy's Vendetta will be released on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC on September 7.


    Benefit of the doubt given, but sometimes, SOMETIMES, DLC just seems to be planned too far in advance, and is ready a little too soon after launch.

    I'm sure, with the developer platform in place, and the game's essentials, the foundation, already installed on your consumers platform, merely adding to it isn't that big of a task. Presumably this means that DLC should be pretty straight forward to create, so a long time frame isn't to be expected.

    The concept is brilliant, being able to extend, or even explore stories, characters and environments that weren't detailed to begin with, at a reasonable cost to the consumer (and, one would assume, the profits of the developer). Developers can also gauge what their audience wants from forums and then deliver it in a nice package.

    Jimmy's Vendetta is a great idea, it looks like it'll be almost an entirely new game mode, the rankings system will appeal to the competitive side in everyone and it'll be interesting to see how the missions will tie into the base games storyline.

    Well, a lot of DLC comes early after release for one reason: developers used to enjoy holidays with the release of the gold version (and some teams might have had less work earlier), but nowadays instead of that they sweat twice more between the moment they produce the gold and a few weeks after release because the publisher demands so. So, usually it's genuine additionnal content developped in a rush (although it seems there might have been some dirtier trick like cutting out content planned for release to artificially bring it as a DLC later), and the publishers are the ones to blame for this trend.

    err you 2 above me.. this DLC was released at start to whomever preordered the game on ps3...

    This is what i can recall from the launch...or am i wrong?

      Soz Andy but you're wrong.

      The PS3 title had an exclustive DLC available at launch which was free. I think it was meant to be a prequel to this, such as "why" Jimmy has a vendetta in the first place. But from the reviews going around, the free PS3-exclusive DLC was mega-light on story, so it was really just a sneak-peek at this not free DLC.

      Also, original information said this was meant to released on August 31 (says this on the back of the game booklet as well)...

        This is correct, the free DLC that came with the PS3 version was 'The Betrayal of Jimmy'.

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