Mass Effect 2 Hits The PlayStation 3 In January

During the EA press conference at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, BioWare's Dr Ray revealed that the second game in the Mass Effect series would hit the PlayStation 3 in January.

Is there anything else to say? It's Mass Effect, and it's coming to the PlayStation 3. Let's hear us some cheers, PlayStation 3 owners!

UPDATE: The official press release for the PS3 edition includes the line: "The PlayStation 3 edition will include the full Mass Effect 2 game and hours of bonus content." We've asked an EA spokesperson for clarification about whether that refers to new gameplay sequences or what.

For more good news, be sure to check out our EA GamesCom presser liveblog!


    I think it's good ps3 owners will get to play but there's one gigantic, nay, colossal caveat... You won't have played part 1.

    That's no small thing. So much of part 2 relies on a knowledge of part 1, so many of the events... This is stupidity EA. Give the ps3 players MassEffect first or don't give them anything. It's like giving us Empire strikes back without ever having given us A New Hope.

    Anyone who says it's not a big deal? It really is. Playing through ME1 can change ME2 into an entirely different experience right down to xenophobic attitudes from alien races towards humans...

      Maybe the "hours of bonus content" will be some kind of video summary of the story so far.

      I concur.
      Watching a sequel without watching the original.

      Exactly. I'm all for variety, and think spreading out console exclusives can be a good thing, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft has the rights to the first Mass Effect, meaning PS3 players will never see it. Meaning that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is intrinsically borked.

      Microsoft published Mass Effect, so they still hold the rights to it. Unless EA can somehow purchase those rights from them, it won't be coming to PS3.

    Surely awaits fanboys attitude change from "have your shitty RPG" to "man this RPG is awesome, and whats this, yesss, im pretty sure, it looks better on the PS3 because it has multiple cores and bluray lazorz"... and if that doesn't ruffle a feather or two I don't know what will. Because seriously, thats literally going to be the attitude switch in some people.

      I know you're trying to come off as 'balanced', but this is just a round-a-bout fanboy rant.

        Not really, i've literally heard this stuff before. What are you calling me a "fanboy" of by the way? I play games for games. If you said the same thing about a year ago you would have been right, but i've been over this whole war/contest of consoles for a while now...

          Na, he's right. You're sounding exactly like the type of people you're dismissing.

        lol, yeah fanboys! you are SO right! /s

      There is also a third option: the PS3 owners start to cry foul when it turns out the port is not perfect.

      For example, I played BioShock on 360 and then on PS3 and to my surprise there were areas where the game lagged out.

      Why was this surprising? It did not lag out on the 360 so I was a bit taken back.

    So they have to play as the forced renegade character with none of bonuses that are added from having an imported character thus making the world seem dead and lifeless....yay.

      My first thought as well. Though they could expand the early 'interview' sequence at the beginning of the game to see what path the player wants their Shep to take.

      This means players will be stuck with the arguably lame default decisions right?: Udina in place of Anderson, Wrex dead, council dead, Ashley/Kaiden dead depending on gender, etc.

      Bioware really should have included a feature during new game creation that allows you to set the outcome of every imported decision after having fully completed ME2 at least once. I mean, Bioware didn't even provide a proper run-down of your ME1 decisions upon importing an ME1 save. You only get a very basic summary of a few main decisions. It screams a misunderstanding of the playerbase; what about those that reloaded after some decisions to see the different outcomes (which I did a lot on my 2nd & 3rd playthroughs) and those that have finished the game multiple times?. I don't want to go through ME1 again just to import a save where the council is dead, as I've already seen that, just not in my preferred import game.

      I use Gibbed's savegame editor for 360 to change up my ME1 decisions for each new game I start. No mods required so it's completely safe for Xbox Live and only requires a USB drive and a program called Modio. There's a big thread about it on the official forums here (which used to be stickied):

    I'm a bit skeptical about this, but I suppose I'll just wait and see

    As nice as it would be to play this on the big screen at home looks like I'll keep hanging out for the eventual "super cheap on steam" sale so I can use my character from ME1 - unless they work out some way to import it to the PS3 version.

    I played Mass Effect 2 before I played Mass Effect 1, and in no way was my experience harmed by this. Sure, it was annoying hearing everyone yap on about Saren all the time, but I figured out the backstory eventually.

    It did, however, harm my Mass Effect 1 experience, which so far sits between 'slow' and 'boring'. All the little niceties that made ME2 so playable are crudely absent.

      With all due respectyou just proceeded to name some of the exact reasons...

    Sony are really getting it together lately.

    Not just this... but all the announced exclusives

    Uh great... this is probably another reason why we gotta wait for Mass Effect 3.
    I guess this is what EA meant when they said they wanna reach 10 million.

    It would have been nice that we get ME3 and they get ME2 and they had to wait say 6-12 months for #3. Hehe

    Just get the PC version off Steam (ME1 that is). Then get ME2 on PS3 if you're that way inclined.
    I thought they'd do a Ninja Sigma and make a ME: Black Edition or something before releasing a sequel on the ps3.

    Woah. Did not see this one coming...

    Don't own a PS3, but curious as to what this mythical "bonus content" will be. My guess is all the paid/free DLC pre-packaged and possibly an extended opening sequence to allow PS3 players to decide their own backstory sans import.


    yes! a reason to finally pick up a ps3

    Yeah I think the bonus content is the extra team mates an a summery of the previous game.
    If its somthing that hasnt been released on the 360 i'll be getting it anyways xD

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