Mass Effect 2 PS3 Trailer... Happy Now, Sony Fans?

What would Mass Effect 2 look like on a PlayStation 3? It might look like this, when it comes out in January 2011, but this is just a teaser:


    I don't want to buy and play ME2 without playing the first :S :S

    It totally looks good. Makes me want to own a PS3 to just get this game... and Killzone 2/3 ofcourse.

    wow... they finally decided to bring it across, but it seems pointless if they don't bring the original over also...

    ME2 is so referential you'd be crazy not to have experienced ME1 first. You'd spend half of ME2 scratching your head and saying "Wtf?".

      the first is still owned by microsoft so they cant bring that over but they will probably do some sort of flash back thing i reckon, like after shep dies at the beggining theyll make him flash back to key moments from the first where you can chose what you 'did'

        Totally. They'd have to do something like that at the very least. However, I'm more referring to the instances where past experiences are discussed in the general flow of conversation during the game. Or you bump into characters from ME1, receive e-mails following up what decisions you may have made in ME1. I'm not saying it shouldn't be played by any means. It's just that a player is missing out on the rich back story provided by the first game. I think it would just lessen the experience for someone wanting to really 'feel' the game, because it is so worth it.

        bioware is far far far too busy to script, animate, record and voice brand new cutscenes for a game they're already working on a sequel for

          Did you say far far far far too busy? Or just far far far too busy?

    I like the old PS3 logo aswell.
    The new one looks girly.

    Ah the Spidey font PS3 logo... shame they changed, the aestehtic allure of the harsh, straight edges with the concave curves looked mighty awesome imo.

    They did mention 'hours of extra content' if im not mistaken at the EA press event. Perhaps this means backstory?

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