Mass Effect 2 Shadow Broker DLC Gets A Date


    Please tell me that's 500 microsoft points... no its 800. dammit it had better be awesome- gutted it dosn't add any new guns or armor parts though- those were some of the best parts of the current dlc.
    (well katsumi's stolen memory was pretty good)

    For 800MS points, i expect this to be about 1 hour longer then Kasumi and Overlord.

    Well, there sounds like there's a lot more to do. So you'd assume it'd be longer. There are a total of 5 new achievements. Quite a few more than the other two DLC packs. Guess we'll see though...

    im holding out for the weekly xbox live special to be 50% off ME2 DLC then I'll get all of the paid expansions (not armor/weapon/costume packs)
    i didn't want to return to ME2 until i had a really good chunk of gaming to do.

    After my insanity run i didn't feel like going back just for 1 or 2 hours at a time.

    i do have high hopes for the shadow broker though, i was disappointed it didn't go any where in the retail game

      I really have to say at first I didn't think the ME2 weapon packs would be any good. I decided to get one of them and was surprised how well balanced and effective they were. They didn't turn out to be reskinned versions of other weapons so I was very pleased with them, especially the latest 3 to come out which just kick ass in many ways.

    OH GOD YES!!

    Would this be some of the "hours of extra content" promised for inclusion in the PS3 version?

      I would imagine the "hours of extra content" for ps3 gamers will merely be some form of small replay of some remade sections of ME1 to introduce PS3 owners to the world of ME.

        Indeed, Im thinking some sort of video recap due to ME1 being published by MS...

          Probably not so much video scenes, but rather playable flashbacks. BioWare have stated that there'll be 'interactive' elements to the way PS3 players are 'smoothly introduced' to the Mass Effect world. When asked whether these would just be new cutscenes at the beginning of the game, the interviewee was quite coy, and suggested to expect more than that.

          As for DLC, the PS3 version will include 'most' of the current DLC onboard, so I'd guess the Normandy Crash Site, Zaeed and Kasumi. Overlord, this and maybe even the weapons (together in a big pack) will probably be milked as post-release DLC for the Sony players.

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