Mass Effect 2's Firepower Pack Now On Sale

Mass Effect 2's Firepower Pack adds three new weapons to the role-playing game: the Phalanx pistol, the Mattock heavy rifle and the Geth Plasma Shotgun. Price: 160 MS or BioWare Points. [Thanks Lauren]


    I really like Mass Effect, I had a great time playing it and will play through it again in the not-too-distant future.

    But I really don't get the point of buying extra guns for a single player game we've all (probably) beaten by now? The extra levels etc are fine, but... what's the point? Are these new weapons useful in the DLC missions that I have yet to play?

    Hmmmmm. Interesting enough - but holding out for some meaty game content. Moar guns is hardly adding much to the game - especially since the overwhelming majority of players have probably finished the game (and all the combat) at least once.

    Looking forward to the Shadow Broker DLC out soon(ish) though.

    Will be getting this but won't use it till the main story DLC's start ramping up - Like the Shadow Broker DLC and the rest of the main story DLC that is meant to bridge ME2 to ME3 and the inevitable replay through before ME3 launches.

    Given how you cant pay for things the sensible way... i.e. dollar by dollar... and have to buy in idiotic amounts of points that never add up properly, I'll wait for the Shadow Broker dlc and use the remaining points to pick this up.

    Still, given the ridiculously low amount of basic weapons in ME2, this will be welcome.

    Yay, wasn't expecting new shinies so soon!. So what if most players have finished the game, ME2 is highly replayable. I love the approach Bioware is taking with weapons; have fewer guns, but make them all unique in their firing rate/range and effectiveness against different defenses & enemies, which lets players customize their loadout based on their preferred playstyle. For example, a defensive vanguard who uses Charge to move around the battlefield and fire from mid-range would probably choose the Eviscerator over the Claymore, where-as an offensive vanguard who gets up close & personal may favour the Claymore.

    To put these in the same category as the weapon DLC from Dead Space, which were overpriced re-skins (some with extra speed/damage) cut from the game and made available on release as effectively paid cheat codes is just plain wrong. I don't think people realise that each new ME2 weapon needs to be tuned, balanced & playtested before it can be released. I think Bioware is actually selling themselves a bit short, as I'd happily pay 240msp for this pack.

    I'm mean, look at how useless and overpriced the DLC for some other games are. Hell, just look at what Microsoft charges for avatar clothing and themes. THAT'S nickel & diming.

      Stupid me. I was too quick to judge...

      *sigh* I realised I DID have enough points on XBL so I picked it up today lol.

      And guess what? It's actually not too shabby.

      I'd term this a 'heavy weapons pack' or a 'cowboy pack'.

      It's a 'heavy pistol', equivelant of a sixshooter, a heavy single shot rifle and a heavy shotgun. I really do like the weaponry. Plus the pistols got this awesome Deadspace-esque lasersight... It's pretty neat gotta admit. So ignore my previous post! If you CAN afford it, this is probably the best weapons pack so far.

    Why do I suspect that the reason that there was so few weapons and armor in the game was because they kept most of it out so they could make us pay for it later.

    Imagine playing a Call of Duty where you are only given an M16. You can play it with just that but if you want more and better guns you must buy them as DLC.

    Oh future how I fear thee...

    definitely looking forward to Shadow Broker.

    Just finished Overlord last night, and though not contributing much to overall storyline, was pretty awesome.

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