Medal Of Honor's Singleplayer Will Present 'Two Different Sides'

Perhaps I spoke too soon about Medal of Honor's singleplayer. In this look at the campaign, executive producer Greg Goodrich says the story will be told "from two different sides", hinting that you may be fighting with the bad guys.

Who knows what that means exactly. This video shows two singleplayer missions, including one in which players head into town to gather intel on al Qaida. It seems unlikely the singleplayer would tell a story from the American forces' side and then suddenly jump into the shoes of those they're fighting. Maybe you'll play as an operative who infiltrates a cell and goes into action with it, a la No Russian? Or maybe there's some other narrative device to present that side of the conflict.

Whatever the case, it sounds like anything even seemingly sympathetic to a side Americans are currently fighting in real life will only ramp up the noise about the game.

GameTrailers TV [GameTrailers]


    could be from a soldiers point of view and a diplomatic view?

    You get to play as a journalist.

    Could be US teir one and British SAS... ala COD:MW

    Could play as a donkey? ala COD:MW3:Donkey Bonus Round:Return of the living Cumcumber

    Maybe you get to play as an anonymous citizen in the middle east on the way to your son's birthday celebrations in the middle of town, when the American's attack the nearby building via bombing, because it's a supposed base for Al Qaeda. You wake up and crawl to your son's body as he, the top half at least, fades into the afterlife. You can move enough to crawl, and see your own mortal wounds as well as the nearby destruction & mass collateral damage.

    Should have rumble support for the Console versions, that convey the blast and heart beats.

    yeh what milali said. its the guys behind enemylines and its the grunts in front.

    I reckon the way they should do it is have you playing as an Afganistan... back when the Russians invaded, during the cold war. So you get the idea of like "why is this dumb foreign power invading these goat farms?". Then skip forward 30 years, and you play the yanks doing the invading, and be all "OH SNAP".

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