Meet Halo Reach's Noble Team

Here's a new campaign trailer for Halo: Reach, one that's a little bit Lord of the Rings and a little bit... Dirty Dozen.

I know, two Reach clips in one day is a bit of a luxury, but it's Microsoft's big day at GamesCom, so we'll indulge them.


    Looks like they are trying to correct ODST's mistake of rushing character development.

    Is it just this video or do some of the graphics not look to crash hot for this game at times??

      It may be similar to how halo 3 looked when its trailers were released, didn't look too ground breaking but even now they hold up against most new releases.

    Hmmm. I've got a bad feeling that the backstory is going to be sacrificed for guns and explosions with this one. Bungie wrote the novelisation of Reach 9 years ago - but it's no excuse to mess with the all-powerful canon :D

    It sounds like they just got Jen Tayler (Cortana) to voice Halsey, except that Halsey is meant to be in her 60s. Gah.

      From what I've learnt on Bnet- Bungie didn't write the books, they supported the idea of publishing a story. Reach has always been a part of the Halo canon, but the books were someone else's interpretation of how it all happened. They aren't meddling with canon, they're showing how they thought it would be.

        (Little late reply, sorry)

        Bungie/Microsoft hired out Eric Nylund/William Dietz and essentially handed them the 'mythical Halo story Bible' to work with. The books were certainly an interpretation, but using the same backstory that the games themselves used. Bungie is certainly entitled to make massive changes (which I think they did...), but I guess I'm just whimsical for Nylund's writing and the awesome way he crafted Reach.

    ugh, i'm scared.......even more stereotypical than i thought....and i frikin love halo....:(

    I for one am glad that Dr Halsey is in this, after all these years we finally get to meet her.

    I was thinking to myself the whole time 'That's gotta be Halsey's voice'. ^_^

    Looking forward to Reach.

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