Meet The Press In NBA 2K11

Interesting feature teased on NBA 2K11's Facebook page a couple hours ago: "Press conferences." There'll be some postgame interactions involving your created player in the "My Player" career mode, apparently with ramifications for your career.

Here's the full message from NBA 2K11:

In this year's My Player mode, the game doesn't end after the final buzzer. In NBA 2K11 you gotta take the podium for your own post-game press conferences. But watch what you say, your answers can earn you admiration or get you run out of town. Will you claim all the glory or will you praise your coaches?

Couple of things. First, that rather plainly sets up a role-playing aspect to this postgame mode, in which your comments build your reputation as a player and steer the arc of his career narrative. Good stuff. Secondly, I'm somewhat surprised to see this in NBA 2K11, because my understanding is that the NBA is extremely tight-arsed about video games, especially as it concerns representations of money, fame and player individuality.

For now, who knows what this entails, exactly. My understanding is we'll be hearing more about NBA 2K11's My Player this week, specifically addressing this roleplaying aspect.

Just so long as nobody's giving shoutouts to Queensbridge, thanking psychiatrists or, worse yet, talking about practice, it should be a lot of fun.


    Man, is there ANYTHING this game won't be doing? I am getting more and more excited about this.

    We in here, we talkin bout practice!

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