Mega Man Online Trailer Isn't Screwing Around

And here we were thinking Mega Man Online, the Korean MMO beign worked on by Capcom and Neowiz, would be a pedestrian affair. Seems the pair have something a little more epic in mind.

At least, they do in this teaser trailer for the game, which owes as as much to something like Akira as it does the Blue Bomber. There is of course no gameplay footage to be seen, but if you've ever dreamt of an adult-oriented Mega Man animated feature, then you'd better watch the clip below. Then watch it again.

Mega Man fans will note that the game is throwing together some of the franchise's different series, with both Mega Man and Mega Man X characters squaring off together.


    It's about time they brought back some Mega Man anime.

    Whoa..that was surprisingly epic, now i too, kinda want a Mega Man Anime, like this :)

    They did a short anime episode of MM after finding a hidden item in MMX8, but this was pretty good.

    I'm still curious how an MMO is going to work out with what was intended to be entirely linear play of Megaman. Having said that i never played MM64...

      A short anime was unlocked* rather, if you found a hidden item in MMX8.

    Holy shit that was awesome!!

    And check it out, it even has an Angel - someone call NERV and get a damn EVA in there!!!!

    This... tells me NOTHING about the game.

    This game is getting a crapload of hype. So far there have been TWO trailers, that haven't showed any gameplay, and they haven't revealed a single detail on how the game is actually played. Do you play as Mega Man? As a Mega Man clone? Or as a completely different robot? What are the classes? How does it play? Very frustrating -_-. At least when Blizzard reveal a game they show in-game footage.

      Gee, thanks for already stating what was mentioned in the article, captain obvious.

      And use your brain, if its an MMO, of course there wont be thousands of Mega Man's all running around together.

      Also, this is a teaser trailer, not an actual trailer or gameplay trailer. It pays to read the article.

    And Zero was absent...

      haha yeah, that was actually bothering me too... Well actually not so much bothering me as being disappointing.. I wanted to see him descend from up on high and speedily dispatch several foes by slicing right through them, followed by a bad ass pose!

      That would make me a happy panda

        agreed. i'm a big fan of the megaman x franchise, x4 being the first megaman game i ever played. i was hoping that at some point, x or zero would descend from the heavens dramatically.

        i did notice however, that at the beginning, they showed what i thought was megaman getting impaled?

    Had to chuckle at Ice Climbers-Man. He really seemed out of place with all the other Villian-Mans

    Did anyone else notice that Mega Man Online abbreviated is MMO as in MMO as in MMORPG???

    I was not expecting to see Bass. Awesome.
    That aside, it's kind of weird seeing the dark setting when all the characters have child faces.
    I'm also hoping the game's music isn't going to be this generic electronic stuff.
    That aside, I am excited about this.

    Did I miss something? I didn't see any MMX characters in the video. I saw Megaman, Dr Light, Dr Wiley, Roll, The Rock Monster, the MM1 Wileybots, Protoman, and Bass. None of which are from the X series.

      Iris (the female robot with the red beret), Alia (the blonde robot that appeared with Iris) and Signas (big robot with black armor) appear in the trailer, and all are from the X series.

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