Metal Gear Arcade Finally Showing Up In Japanese Arcades

Metal Gear Arcade, the 3D arcade shooter first revealed last year, is finally starting to pop up at arcades in Japan, but only for a limited-run public test.

The game, spotted in arcades in Yokohama and Tokyo, features 3D glasses, life-sized plastic guns and can link up to four cabinets for multiplayer matches. It also, apparently, includes two styles of control, one which has the game tracking the movements of your gun and another to track the movements of your head with the help of those glasses.

In both of these modes, you play the game as if it were a first-person shooter. If that doesn't work for you, you can aim the gun off screen and return to a third-person shooter mode.

It sounds like the game was a hit during its limited showing over the weekend. Here's hoping that Metal Gear Arcade eventually shows up in the US once it's released.

Metal Gear Arcade Test a Glimpse of the Future [4Gamer.Net, via T-Ono.Net, thanks Robert]


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