Metal Gear Solid Developer "Really Ready" To Go Multi-Platform

Kojima Productions, the developer behind Metal Gear Solid games, has made a bunch of, well, Metal Gear Solid.

The vast majority of them are on one platform — typically, the PSP or the PS3. The developer is ready to move to more consoles.

Upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising, however, is headed to the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the PC.

"I think it's very important for the future of Japanese publishing," Shigenobu Matsuyama, Rising's creative director, told "We see publishers - Capcom have started a little bit earlier than us - and I can say most of the Japanese studios have seen the importance of going multi-platform, and our studio as well."

Continuing, Matsuyama added, "I think we're now really ready to go multi-platform at once, I mean development cycle wise. I think this will be a normal trend for Japanese studios in the future."

Matsuayam also stated that he was surprised how popular PC gaming was in Germany when he visited for Gamescom. "Living in Japan, PC games are not really mainstream, but seeing them here I thought that this PC area is also a place that we need to consider more seriously."

Bringing Rising to the PC is a start, no?

Kojima Productions: Xbox 'important' for Japanese devs []


    Raiden looks cool there - why does my friend (who has played many more Metal gear games than me) bag him out?

      In Raiden's original outing he was a douchebag. Was cool when they re-developed him though.

    No, his still a bit of a douchebag. it's hard to wash off the smell like that.

    I disliked Raiden to begin with but he started to grow on me after a few playthroughs of MGS2. Sure he's whiny, his girlfriend is needy and he turned emo in MGS4 but he proved he can be just as badass as Snake and he doesn't even need an Otacon equivalent to do it.

    And he doesn't have Snake's disturbingly eye-catching wedgy in a sneaking suit.

    I do think it's kinda sad they had to pretty much re-create Raiden to make him "cool"...
    I'd love to see the story that explains the transition from whiny MGS2 Raiden to "uber-cool" cyborg ninja Raiden in MGS4. Hopefully Rising delivers at least some of that.

    This is good news. I am making the move to PC, and its nice to know that I can still play Rising.

    EVERY game should be multi - platform except for in-house games...

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