Metroid: Other M Puts Those Duct-Taped GameCubes To Work

I think it's the highest praise you can heap on a Wii game, at least in terms of its appearance, when you can say it doesn't look like a Wii game.

Instead, with all those colours, explosions and clever camera placement, Team Ninja's debut Metroid effort looks closer to something you'd download over Xbox Live Arcade than something that would sit on a shelf in a white box.

If only more developers could push the hardware like this!


    "at least in terms of its appearance, when you can say it doesn’t look like a Wii game."

    Personally I'd say it's pretty disappointing in terms of graphics. I'm pretty sure I've seen better PS2 games, namely MGS3.

    However it's a Metroid game so graphics is always secondary to gameplay.

      To be completely fair, I've seen worse looking PS3 games.

      I think the point was that the device is capable of this, yet we have seen so little of a similar quality come out for it.


      Super Metroid had easily some of the best visuals on the SNES. Metroid Prime 1 & 2 were phenomenal for the Gamecube. I still haven't seen anything on the Wii that looks better than Metroid Prime 3.

      Have you even played this series?

    Looks like a fantastic action game.
    I'm a little worried though, maybe it won't be the best METROID game. I was starting to lose interest after Hunters and Prime 3.
    I'll definitely check it out though.

    so, metroid other m is a 2d (3d) platformer, a 3rd person brawler and a first person shooter?
    Will Team Ninja be able to smoothly pull this off?

    imo its looking like the best looking metroid game yet, glad they got over first person.

    I get pretty tired of the duct-taped gamecube and "I've seen better on the PS2" every time someone mentions a Wii game.

    There is no way you could get that kind of vibrant colour or graphics on the PS2; its all just endemic of the whole "everything's crap unless I say its good" in gaming as a whole. TBH, if people really want gaming to be recognised as a mature entertainment they should really consider just growing up.

      Agreed man.

    I'm having a bit of a hard time telling if there's any sarcasm in this. The bit about xbla isn't all that much of a compliment imo...

    But I think it's looking pretty good. We know what the wii can and can't do graphically so we have to accept what it can do. Metroid games are amazing no matter what they look like. The gameplay is definitely the aspect of other m that is being a lot more closely looked at. Something that doesn't seem to happen all that often with games these days. At least people appreciate that with metroid the gameplay is what really matters.

    looks cool, but Metroid Prime 1&2 had the most beautiful graphics. seriously i was happy with that.

    Reminds me a lot of Shadow Complex gameplay.. just multiplied by 100000

      Yep, looks like a total Shadow Complex rip off, that was so last year.

      /holds up perspex riot shield and grits teeth.

    Well, mixed feelings. On the one hand, I REALLY don't like the idea of the context-sensitive execution moves in Metroid. On the other hand, SHINESPARK IS BACK!

    That's all well and good Nintendo but can we get a new sidescrolling Metroid now?
    I'm still hoping the rumored DS version is being developed... in Alantis... by a group of Sasquach's

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