Microsoft: Eerily Familiar ’Space Marine’ Ad Not Connected To Halo

Samsung's television commercial for its new Galaxy 5 phone has a lot of people thinking Halo when they watch it.

The armour seems very similar and the look of the action also has a taste of Halo about it. Of course the flying crayfish starship is about as far off as you can get.

So just what does Microsoft think about this surprisingly similar ad hitting less than a month before the video game publisher releases Halo: Reach?

We contacted them to find out. Their answer was succinct:

"The commercial in question is not sanctioned by Microsoft."

Does that Microsoft is going to do something about it? They're not saying, yet.


    Samsung has always had something of a tech partnership with MS (Demo stations and Roadshow stations always seem to be using the latest Samsung TV's).

    They also did that Halo 3 sponsored promo a while back, had a blade skin and all. I doubt there will be a huge kerfuffle over this.

    well, Microsoft have a history of killing non halo things that depict halo (eg Halogen) so i think that even with Samsung and Microsoft being friends there could be either a Law Suit or just a cease and desist

      Microsoft killed halogen? No wonder I can never find any Halogen globes at the store. Those evil bastards.

    Sawing has been riding off other successes recently. The Galaxy serious just screams to be like the iPhone, and the HTC Desire

    just FYI, the phone is the Galaxy S, not the Galaxy 5

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