Microsoft Promises More, Bigger Games For PC Owners

Microsoft's two most recent PC game reveals were welcome, sure, but they were also catered towards a certain end of the market: the end that is cool with playing browser games.

But what about the PC gamers that hardware companies would call "enthusiasts"? Is there a game coming for them, something for them to double-check their specs over, fire up fraps and complain in forums that their graphics cards aren't working properly?

Asked by VG247 whether Microsoft would still be releasing games "for those that spend large sums of money to upgrade PC rigs", Microsoft Game Studios GM Dave Luehmann replied, "There are other products, and I can think of one in particular, that will really encourage that type of behaviour".

Luehmann adds that "There'll be more announcements, there'll be more products over the next 24 months, as there have been rolling up to now".

Let's hope there's both quality and quantity amongst that lineup, because this sounds a lot like the launch of the Games For Windows initiative, and we all know how that panned out. Fool me once, Microsoft, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on all of us.

Microsoft PC chief: Unannounced game aimed at GPU, CPU upgraders [VG247]


    I might get back into PC gaming with a setup like the picture above...l

      It's useless. TripleHead2Go would be a nightmare.

    Watch this shiny new policy disappear in 2 years when the Xbox 3 is released.

    I am used to Microsoft treating the PC like a ugly step kid. The last time they tried to show us love we got the horribly broken and almost universally hated GFWL system. It's OK MS, there is no need to rush back, you can keep playing with the favourite son (360).

    I've really been getting into pc gaming lately. Got back into CoD4, Kane and Lynch 2, Mafia 2. Seems like all my upgrades have finally paid off!

      @Michael Barnes true true. I pretty much get all my games through Steam now, save for the odd "collector-edition" i feel i "must" buy...

        +1 for me also. I don't know why, but I have finally re-entered the PC market. Went a little crazy and spent a little bit of money. But I built the system myself (never done so before) and I'm proud to say that it is working like a dream. Did a bucket load of research before hand, educated myself on what to buy etc. Now I just finished Mafia 2 on my tri-monitor (eyefinity) setup, and I tell you what I aint looking back! There must be something in the water, because everyone second person on here seems to either wanna get back into it, or has already (The Gooseman inspired me). I use to be a PC boy, but upgrading all the time is hard, especially with a girlie, mortgage and all the frecking special editions I have to buy like brother Underwood. Anyway that's my rant! PC power!! :P

          Yeah same thing happened for me when I bought a Mac!

          Installed bootcamp and have gone Steam Crazy. Three cheers for reasonably priced games!

    They seem to be trying to many things at once. Perhaps their LIVE Anywhere initiatiev will take off - maybe not. But in the meantime, certain sectors of their business are being withdrawn. I would certainly love to see more Flight Simulator and more Age of Empires, not some half assed sequel.

    Maybe they can release some more of their Xbox 360 titles on PC? Im sure PC gamers would enjoy having Gears 2 or 3 on PC?

      Ditto here. I would like to have Gears of War 2 in PC.

      Only if controls and menus are changed for it. Oblivion's menu's were pretty annoying on the PC. Just recently I got Just Cause 2 on the PC for some of the mods, after playing it on the 360. This is a game that really suffers from a keyboard and mouse, controls feel really poor and menu's are a hassle at the least.

      I'm building a new gaming rig, as much for fun as the games, but I suspect most of the games I get will be console ports or multi-platform titles that feel like console ports.

    I call complete fucking bullshit. Microsoft has destroyed every chance it had at PC gaming during the past few years, all the while saying, "We're working hard at it over the next X months!". Games for Windows anyone?

    Go to hell and burn. I can't wait till your fake, lying, trash company fails at Windows Phone 7, too.

    pfft I want MORE input with MS Game Studios for the Xbox.
    I mean the budget they would be entitled to.

    And i don't want a 343 Halo game. I don't see them topping the hugeness that Reach looks like and the content Bungie have thrown in.

    I want more developed games by MS Studios, I know they have the talent. Heck they don't even let Rare use what talent they have left!

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