Microsoft Releasing Age Of Empires Online

You know how we told you that Microsoft's secret "Project S" game played a lot like Age of Empires? Well, that's probably because it was Age of Empires. Namely, a new game called Age of Empires Online.

Earlier today, a new Twitter account was registered and launched for AgeofEmpires, urging people to sign up to a beta for a new game called Age of Empires Online. The art used on the page is the same we saw when we first learned of Microsoft's "Project S".

The website it points towards isn't currently active, but it's registered as

This should be good news for fans of the series, who had long given it up for dead since original developers Ensemble were shuttered by Microsoft. They'll also be pleased to know that the game's being developed by Robot Entertainment, which is comprised of former Ensemble developers.

We'll update with more information on the game when it comes to hand.


    Age of Empires and its expansion Rise of Rome are one of my favourite games and definitely my favourite RTS.

    Yay! Glad to see Ensemble employees are being given moar work.

    sorry to be picky but you spelt develoeprs wrong. it's supposed to be developers.

    Actually, I was kind of hoping Age of Empires 4, but I guess this'll do :D

    I would like it... but being online I will get my ass handed to me every minute I try something. I like Age of Empires but I'm not really an RTS person, I'm not so good at them :)

    Don't want to say too much, but the closed beta let you play as Greek or Egyptian....can't wait for the final product, achievements and all!!

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