Middleweights Add Another 15 Fighters To EA Sports MMA

Movin' right along - EA Sports MMA is revealing its roster piecemeal. This week we're shown 22 fighters eligible at the game's middleweight class, eight of which were also revealed as light heavyweights last week.

Cung Le, Nick Diaz, Frank Shamrock, Ronaldo Souza, Tim Kennedy, Pat Miletich, Jake Shields, Nick Thompson, Robbie Lawler, Benji Radach, Luke Rockhold, Frank Trigg, Joe Riggs, Kazuo Misaki and Lyman Good (no relation) are the new middleweights. They join Jason Miller, Gegard Mousasi, Melvin Manhoef, Murilo Rua, Matt Lindland, Dan Henderson and Scott Smith, announced last week also as light heavyweight fighters.

By comparison, UFC Undisputed had 33 fighters eligible at the light heavyweight division, 34 with an exclusive fighter on the PS3.

Below is the legend identifying who's who in that picture above. EA Sports MMA is out Oct. 19 on Xbox 360 and PS3.


    Meh, not really the best line up. Will only be getting the game because I enjoy MMA so much, but not expecting much from the game.

      Not the best line up? it's practically all of the best NON UFC fighters in the world minus all of the Dream stars which would be virtually unknown outside of Japan.

    I continue to believe that unless they reveal female fighters they are making a big mistake and missing out on the one area of the game they can easily take without the UFC license being able to fight back.

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