Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms Opens For Business

Ubisoft proudly launches its first massively multiplayer online game today, as the free-to-play Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms goes live in your web browser or on your iPad.

Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms is an excellent way to wait out next year's release of Might & Magic Heroes IV. This first instalment of the franchise's MMO will see thousands of players taking sides with the game's four factions - Necropolis, Haven, Inferno and Academy - building their kingdoms, advancing their heroes and forming strategic alliances against their foes.

The game is free-to-play right in your web browser, so the only thing you have to lose by trying it out is countless hours of previously free time. Simply sign up at the game's official website, and you're on your way.

While Ubisoft is saying the iPad version launches today as well, I've still seen no sign of the app in iTunes. Keep your eyes peeled.


    i got so excited when i read this! went to the site and signed up, only to then be informed I can't play cos it's not open to australians :(

      dawww mannnnnn!!!
      I got all excited when i read this and looked at the shiny pictures, then i read YOUR comment and i died a little inside...

      Not that i've ever played a might and magic game, just this looks kinda neat! And they have a Necropolis faction! That sounds all sorts of awesome - i've always been into raising the dead... hell i'm the reason Burt Newton AND Ozzy Osbourne are still going!

      I want a Hip-Hop Necromancer, just so that i can say i have the spell "Raise Roof"

        I love a good necro race myself! Has always been a good one in Might and Magic too. Either that or a Warlock for me, cos I just love black dragons! uber kickass beasts!

    guess we can just proxy/vpn it

    Call me skeptical but advertising is distinctly absent from those screens.

    If this is indeed the case I might be giving it a whirl.

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