Monday Night Combat Update Shortens Crossfire Wait

Not "patched," remember? Monday Night Combat carries a "Live Update System" that allows it to tune settings without rolling a full patch through the time-consuming certification channels. Here's what you get:

• Time between Crossfire matches (the competitive multiplayer arena) has been shortened to 45 seconds from 60 seconds. • The minimum number of players needed to start Crossfire is now six; it was eight.

• Custom bots now spawn in 10 seconds, not five.

Now, that said, Uber's aware of "known bugs and exploits," and is working on a patch to address those, as they're beyond the bounds of the game's on-board tuning system.

But hey, faster Crossfire starts with fewer players, that's a good development.

MNC Live Update System Changes [Uber Entertainment Forums]


    This game is absolutely fantastic, if you haven't got it all ready get it now!

      How does the multiplayer matchmaking work?
      Do I need to bring friends or is there a COD style matchmaking?

        The latter and there seems to be a fair number of Aussies playing.

    i knoe Why they Tweekeed the custom bots Timer becuase near the end of game when your all upgraded and got cash just waiting to be used you could spam build bots and Rush Opponents and if they wernt on there toes you could get some nice money Ball Dmg

    This is good news - 60 seconds was too long, anyone who's on the fence about this game should really try it out - the more you learn the classes the better it gets

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