More Details About Nintendo 3DS Kingdom Hearts Game

Square Enix is making a Kingdom Hearts game for the Nintendo 3DS. The main characters will be Sora and Riku, and players will alternate between them while playing as they make their way through the game's "mysterious" story. How... mysterious!

While unable to go into great length about the game system, designer Tetsuya Nomura says that the developers are thinking about "falling down" as a key point for the game.

"What I want to do is make a Kingdom Hearts you can touch," the designer adds, making the following pun. "A falling 'Sora' and a flying 'Riku'."

"Sora" is not only the name of a Kingdom Hearts character. It also means "sky" in Japanese. Likewise, "Riku" can mean "land".

"I guess the game's theme would be trust," Nomura says. There are things in the game that players cannot do alone and thus, players will need to have have trust in order to be successful.

For the Nintendo 3DS Square Enix will start with Kingdom Hearts, Nomura continues, and then they are thinking of branching out to other franchises.

『キングダム ハーツ 3D(仮)』の片鱗とは? 野村哲也ディレクターに聞く [電撃オンライン]


    If that's a screenshot from the 3DS version then it must be a prequel to the original KH (which I REALLY need to play again), as Sora and Riku look a lot younger than in KH2.

    But it's still not Kingdom Hearts I and II HD nor Kingdom Hearts III. These spin-offs are just getting annoying now.

    I wish they'd stop procrastinating and give the market what they want, and that is KH 3!

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