More Goodies Revealed For Halo: Reach Multiplayer

The three new multiplayer maps for Halo: Reach, which leaked previously, were confirmed by Bungie yesterday along with new vehicles and new Elite armour configurations. Everything's inside in one huge gallery.

First up, the maps: Zealot, Spire and Reflection are all out and proud now. Spire is an Invasion map that reverses the roles of Boneyard - putting Spartans on the offence. The data core is at the top of the spire. Reflection remakes Ivory Tower from Halo 2, and Zealot has a low-gravity outer space area.

The new vehicle is the Revenant, a two-seater Covenant ground vehicle that blends the Ghost's speed with the Wraith's plasma cannon. The update also had some more info about the Falcon, the three-seat aerial fighter for the UNSC which will be available in multiplayer.

Lastly, there are seven different Elite armour types - The Minor, Spec-Ops, The Ranger, The Ultra, The Zealot, The General and The Field Marshal.

Hit the link for tons more info. Thanks to Ursus-Veritas for the heads-up.

Bungie Weekly Update 8.06.10 [Bungie]


    The sad thing is, it still just looks like halo.....

      Yeah pity, because all the Halo fans were really looking forward to it looking like Super Hello Kitty Adventure Island+ International Remix Edition...

      That's like saying Call of Duty looks like Call of Duty, what do you expect?

      That might have something to do with it being a Halo game.

      I was really upset it didn't look like everything other than Halo.

      It's all those crazy outside the box thinking non Halo elements of Halo that make me such a Halo fanboy. The Halo parts of Halo are just so derivative of Halo.

      Or to quote Futurama: "I hope in time you come to realise how stupid you have been".

        I was hoping that they would, make something just a little different, i know it is derived from halo therefore its going to be like halo. But they need to make things groin grabbingly interesting. Not just more material for your average halo fan.

    Ahh wow Ivory Tower remake looks so pretty!
    I cannot wait - had some real fun with that map back in Halo 2 days.

    That new vehicle looks sweet but WHOA at the missile thing on the back of that warthog. Oh yeah!!!!

    Thems are some nice looking maps.

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