More Gran Turismo 5 Screens Than You Can Shake A Prius At


    How weird. On that same day I mentioned Gran Turismo 5 and the Prius in a conversation with a mate. Goddam.

      What the hell are "gran turismo 5" and "prius" doing in the same conversation mate!? haha

    Just looks a bit too "shiny" if you ask me. Where's the realism in that???

      I agree, far too much gloss on those car bodies. I think it would be good if at the start of the race they looked like that but by the end of the race they were covered in dirt and soot like in RL....

        Don't give them ideas, or we may never see this gamereleased.

      haters gonna hate

    I would only choose the Prius so i could then ram it into the fence.

    I didn't quite get the karts from yesterdays announcement. But those screens make me at least want to try 'em out.

    Also, some of those shots are jaw droppingly gorgeous. I would love a 'screensaver' mode where it just pumps beautifully set up locations and cars onto the screen. Drool.

    I may get this game just for the kart racing...

    So much time is going to be lost in Replay & Photo mode creating millions of wonderful wallpapers!

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