Most Unbelievable Game Tattoo I've Ever Seen, In Motion

Devin from Michigan sat in a chair for 26 hours over several days to get this masterpiece injected into his skin.

The artist, Halo Jankowski of Naked Art Tattoos, said the gaming sleeve took six hours of planning.

The sleeve includes: Toejam form ToeJam and Earl, Scout from Team Fortess, Link from Zelda, Raz form Psychonauts, Frog from Chrono Trigger, Conker from Conkers Quest, and Fippy Darkpaw from Everquest as well as a chest piece of Mutalisk Units from Starcraft.

Halo Jankowski [Facebook, thanks Gr8soundnsi]


    Holy heck!!!
    now THAT is how a sleeve should be done.
    The craftsmanship is absolutely astounding! The artist is certainly a very talented man.

    I would love somthing like that, although i believe my partner would disown me... and i'm also a little bitch when it comes to pain. That bit under his arm looks like it would have hurt like hell!

    I saw the Vault Boy from Fallout 3 and Sackboy also.

    I like orobora or whatever its called from FMA

    A lot of people instantly pass off gaming related tattoos. I hope this goes a long way towards showing them it can be done, and done well.

    Fantastic piece of work.

    thats pretty damn awesome. i have a similar concept on my leg.
    got link, mario, bowser, yoshi, a metroid, bubble bobble, megaman, a few megaman bosses, ryu, akuma, blanka, a goomba, a mushroom and a star.
    and chuloopa. yes the bit under the arm sucks majorly. i found the wrist to be worse though.

    They're watching Firefly, thats awesome.

    Michael Ormando^^^
    Pics or GTFO:)

      how do you post pics on here? i only got bubble bobble today though. will let it heal then im happy to show you pics as proof :)

    firefly? sounds like Seth Rogen

    Un-related but weird, this video causes my Graphics driver to stop working but then it recovered. Trying to watch it again and I BSOD'd and had to restart. It plays now though :) and looks awesome.

    Kinda puts the simple black and grey 8-bit Mario on my tricep to shame...

    I hope he only hangs out with gamers, because other people may think it slightly gay to have cartoony characters all over your arm

      Who would wanna hangout with people that up-tight.

    Absolutely beautiful and BADASS.

    Tattoo looks pretty cool. I'm somewhat disappointed that it's on an out-of-shape pasty whitest of white dudes.

    much respect... and props to the bad religion tattoo on his shoulderblade

    If i were to get a gaming tattoo I would get Altair/Ezio/Desmond. Awwweesome!

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