Mum Busted, Accused Of Luring Teens With Xbox-For-Sex

A married mum of three discovered the surest way into a 15-year-old's pants is with video games. After lavishing two teens with consoles and gifts and getting sex over two years, Stacy's mum now has it going on behind bars.

Christine Shreeve Hubbs, of Livermore, Calif. faces 67 counts of sexual assault and allegedly had kept the sexual relationships going for the past two years. They came to light, as they usually do in this age, when an adult found nude pics on a cell phone belonging to one of the boys. Additional pictures showing Hubbs having sex with both of the kids also were found.

Cops say the woman "confused, manipulated," and heaped gifts on the two teenagers, including Visa cards for spending money, Xboxes, and dinners out. She's being held on $US4.3 million bond, has lawyered up and isn't talking to investigators. What would she say, anyway?

Woman Arrested For Giving Two Teens Money, Xboxes And Sex [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Inappropriate comments coming to mind...
    I'll just leave them in my mind for now.
    I'm sure someone else will say what I'm thinking...

      Achievement unlocked :D

        Wow, that's freakin' uncanny...

    Wow. They needed bribes and luring to have sex? They're either the most wily teenagers ever or she is... aesthetically displeasing.

      Id go with butt ugly, allthough why would they store photo's of that on their phone if she was?
      Hrmmm Someone needs to find out if the mum was hot or not... lol

        From the page she seems pretty hot, I'm guessing the kids figured they oculd milk her for it though since it was illegal. Blackmail and all.

    I'd say the Xbox's were more to keep them from blabbing.

    I wonder what HER red ring was like?

    RROD... geddit?

    South park has the appropriate quote for this situation - 'nice'

      niiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeee hehee

    being 32 i am quite jealous. we obviously didnt have live or psn back when i was 15. i had a nes, 2600, master system and a mega drive.
    im sure the "boys" didnt mind. i sure as hell know i wouldnt have minded 1 bit!!

    Hmm, am I the only one creeped out by the Chris Hansen pic in relation to this article?

    I like how the parents only clued in due to naked picks, not the xbox visa cards ect.

    lol I wish I had a 'mentor' when I was 15... show me the ropes, all that good stuff :) Instead I was chasing girls my own age... needless to say i didnt get any.

    Anyway that picture of Chris Hansen staring me down is starting to give me the creeps. *close*

    man i need to get laid...

    15 yr olds are getting paid for sex when i'm sitting here on my computer writing comments onto a nerdy game site(no offence kotaku, i still love you)

    If a guy did this to two teenage girls the comments here would look very different.

      So true.

        I suppose so. Instead of saying how lucky they were, assuming the guy was hot and the sex was good, we'd call them sluts and early-blooming gold-diggers.

    Pretty sure it takes a lot less than hundreds of $ worth of videogames to get a teenager's pants off. She must have been a whale.

    Oooh come on men!!!wtf 15 years old!! who does not want sex and video games at that age?!! if I had that age now I would be totally proud of being banging a milf!!! (and happy to have a new xbox) ;)

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