Museum Of Contemporary Art To Host Blizzard Exhibit

Blizzard Entertainment plans to host an art exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei this month.

The Fights, Flights & Frights - Inside the Storm exhibit will draw from 15 years worth of works drawn from their popular game series, including StarCraft, Diablo and WarCraft. The show, which kicks off on August 20, will include 800 paintings, sculptures, interactive installations and videos, according to curator Tim Campbell.

"The process used to make these games, including that used for the newly released StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, will also be unveiled at the event," said the museum's Beatrice Kao.

The show will run through to October 10.

American computer game company to present exhibition at MOCA [Focus Taiwan]


    For one split second I thought it was the museum here in Sydney. :(

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