Namco Registers Site For "Antiques Roadshow: The Game"

I love PBS, and not in a snobby way - History Detectives does an amazing job proving or disproving family myths, always in a very respectful manner. But an Antiques Roadshow video game? That's like watching old people fuck.

Namco has registered a domain for just such a game, and while it is proof of nothing, the fact that company moved to protect the URL implies this is something a bit more than speculative.

For those who don't know, Antiques Roadshow is a long-running, popular feature on PBS in which folks bring heirlooms to a show, where big-time appraisers inspect, identify and estimate the value of what they're shown. The dry, very straight presentation ramps up the drama when it's time to give a dollar value, because there's always some smug douchebag convinced he owns Elvis's bowling ball and goes home empty-handed. But then a guileless grandma from Kankakee learns she has Hitler's toothpaste.

I don't know how such a branded game would work. Sounds like we're looking at Wii, the DS or social media. If this really is an antique appraisal sim, God help us all. But if it's for a platform gathering dust, it might be just perfect.

[Superannuation via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Wash your mouth out Owen!

    How on earth is a game like this even supposed to work, how will it even manage to be fun?

    Antiques Roadshow ♥

    Visions of my Grandma.. OH DEAR GOD MY EYES! MY EEEEEEEEEEEYES!

    The special edition will come with a working replica revolver to do your self in with

    Imagine if they make it like demons souls, with the punishing difficulty...

    "Hi, I was just wonder why my..."


    *player receives a crushing "this is sparta" type kick to the sternum*

    How old are you, Owen?

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