NBA 2K11 Has A Shoe Fetish

For years, NBA 2K only featured a few pair of authentic Air Jordans in its equipment line-up. That changes with NBA 2K11, featuring His Airness in the game. Twenty-five models are available, and they carry attribute boosts.

Speaking to, producer Erick Boenisch says there will be 40 Nike varieties in the game, 25 of them Jordans, and players will earn them at random. Every couple of hours of gametime or so, you'll get a new pair at random. "Your timer is always running and shoes are always unlocking."

Rarer varieties will carry bigger attribute boosts. They may be used in any game mode, but they'll be especially useful in the singleplayer career mode and the MJ: Creating A Legend career variant that gives you control of Jordan in today's league.

2K Sports released several screenshots today showing Jordan and his kicks in action, as well as current stars with their shoe models. The screens also showcase new shot varieties that branch out of the game's new animations, such as running across the lane and transitioning into a shot.

'NBA 2K11': Is It The Shoes? [ESPN]


    fly kicks, yo

    Please tell me they will be cross promotional with the new Dragon Age game so i can wear '+1 boots of his airness'

    can't help but feeling they won't have fixed the many gameplay issues of 2k10 and will instead try to distract us with all this Jordan hype.

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