New Batman Game Lets You Use Your DS On The Wii

The upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold will be doing something too few games have done so far this hardware generation: feature cross-play compatibility between the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

The game will be available on both systems, and if someone is playing the Wii version alongside someone on the DS, the person playing the handheld edition can enter the console game, taking control of the diminutive "Bat-Mite", who appears as a pesky little character in the Wii game but is controlled by the DS stylus.

Why are we over five years into the life of the DS and nearly four years into the life of the Wii and so few games have tried this? I want my Wii/DS version of Four Swords, dammit!

Batman's Brave and Bold Connectivity [IGN]


    Damn straight.
    it was a good concept on GameCube but only a few games were really worthwhile. OK only 1. four swords was great.
    I think Nintendo missed the point. it didn't fail because it was a bad idea, it failed because the GameCube was so far in last place there wasn't enough cross over.

    finding a GameCube and 4 (willing) people with GBA's was difficult, cords were a pain as well.

    almost everyone i know has a Wii and or a DS.
    I've got 1 and 2 in my house hold.

    imo it would have worked with the wii/ds.
    A big missed opportunity.

    what i would give for a 4 swords wii!

      Two. You're forgetting Pac Man Vs :P

      Also I liked the use of it in Animal Crossing, if only because it made it easy as pie to make your own patterns and get more money from that island. Also I vaguely remember hearing positive things about its use in Splinter Cell, letting you control some remote turret thing or something. Also I found it to be occasionally useful in Wind Waker too.

      Definitely agreed about the Wii and DS though. Can't believe it's been left untouched. The DS made multiplayer handheld gaming explode with the lack of need for extra hardware, I don't know why the same couldn't have happened with inter-platform connectivity.

        Pac Man Vs was the bomb! Played it with my brother and sister, more than the game it came with!
        Great times.

    and the point of it would be...?
    There was the Gamecube/GBA connection with fourswords wasn't there?

    you could actually connect The GBA to the gamceube while playing legend of zelda: Wind Waker and control a tingle cursor on the GC, the GBA had an onscreen map, could call attention and drop bombs for Ten Rupees, there were also a statue in all (or most) of the dungeons you could only get with it that showed up on Tingles island

    Why does Bat Mite look like he's giving the finger?

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