New Defense Of The Ancients Trademark Points To Valve

Rumours that Valve is planning on doing more with ultra-popular Warcraft III mode Defense of the Ancients All-Stars - or DotA - feel a lot less rumour-like now. The Half-Life developer recently trademarked "DOTA" for future use.

The developer of Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and Portal filed a trademark request with the US Patent and Trademark Office last week, protecting "DOTA" for "Computer game software," "Electronic game software" and "Video game software". (Incidentally, Valve also applied for a "Portal" trademark of the same nature.)

While that's not confirmation that it actually plans on publishing the Warcraft III modification under its own name - Valve has plenty of trademarks that were never used for its games - the company's recent hiring of DotA Allstars developer "IceFrog" shows they have genuine interest in the game. Or at least the design skills behind the game.

DOTA [USPTO - Image credit]


    there are so many dota remakes already

      So many? I can think of 3, and I believe that's all of them.

      One that no one plays, one that only arrogant abusive people play, and one that people who like collecting things play.

        The arrogant abusive one being Heroes of Newerth? Because I'm not arrogant or abusive.

    Can I just point out that All Starts was done by the guys behind League of Legends, and NOT the original DOTA team.

    All-though there may be 3 dota remakes, hon is terrible because of the community, all stars was done by the league of legends guys, and im YET to see one remake as good as the wcIII mod. My experience with valve leads me to believe they do things right, and we are gonna finally have a great stand alone game

    This game will be made by the original Dota guys, with commercial grade graphics and published by a major company.

    It will be better than any other clone you jaratetaker. More of a sequel really.

    everyone is saying there's 3 DotA remakes but i can only think of 2, Heroes Of Newerth and league of legends.

    I'm surprised nobody picked up on the fact that Valve has had a DotA Steam group since 2007 - and by Valve, I mean a bunch of people who work there!

    If I hear of a DOTA or Open RPG style of Starcraft 2, I might consider getting it.

    I thought this was obvious news? If you read Icefrog's blog. He has stated that he is indeed working with Valve and that his project will not take more than 2 years.

    I mean, why would they hire him anyways? To make Left 4 Dead 3? That's like hiring Peter Cullen to voice Superman -_-

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